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Palestinian Gandhis

Where are the Palestinian Gandhis?

A Presentation by Pam Bailey

Please join us Friday evening September 9th at 7:00 at the Empress Theater to hear and see Journalist Pam Bailey’s presentation concerning nonviolent resistance in Gaza.

Sponsored by North Star Veterans for Peace and the Alaska Peace Center; free of charge, donations welcome.

The Gaza Strip has been much in the news these days, particularly in the wake of the attempts by the Freedom Flotilla to break the siege imposed by Israel, now in its fourth year. But what often gets lost in the midst of all the noise are the voicesof the Palestinians living in Gaza — the individuals who survived the invasion of 2008/9and have gone on to not only rebuild their lives, but to find even more creative ways of non-violently resisting the attempts to snuff  out their dreams.

Pam Bailey, a DC-based peace activist and journalist, has lived in and worked in Gaza for 8 months over the past two years — most recently earlier this year, in the midst of the “Arab Spring”. She has returned with a series of videos that document the stories of some of the youth who are speaking out through art, blogging, demonstrations and entrepreneurship. Come hear Pam’s description of “living Gaza,” and see one of these video pro files, shot at the height of the revolutions sweeping the region.