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Saturday, June 11, Demonstrate to End War in Ukraine, 1pm at Geist & University Ave.

“Every war eventually ends with diplomacy. The question is how long the killing goes on before the diplomats stop it.”

We should not underestimate the very grave danger we are all in from the potential for this war to escalate into a nuclear conflagration.

Russia needs to cease military operations and pull its troops out of Ukraine.  The United States, Western Europe, and Kyiv need to be prepared to listen honestly to Russia’s security concerns and to take concessions.  We should call on President Biden to begin good faith negotiations with all concerned parties, respecting each party’s security concerns.

Peace, please.

For a better understanding of the issues at stake, please see the March 3 & 24, 2022, posts at   

2022 Alaska Peace Center Newsletter is out!

View or download it here. Look for it soon in your inbox and, if you have provided us your USPS mailing address, in your mailbox. A big “Thank You” to editors Violet Toney and Maia Genaux, and to all who contributed.

9th Annual Peace Feast Saturday June 4th, 2022

9th Annual Peace Feast

Saturday, June 4, Noon to 2 pm

Square Dance Pavilion, Pioneer Park

Celebrating Peacemakers in Our Community
Come Help Us Celebrate!

Free barbeque! Please bring a dish to share and eating utensils if possible.

We’ve worked hard all winter and dealt with the December snowcalypse, months of icy roads, and more recently, floods. Soon it will be summer and we can take a day to relax. The Peace Feast is an opportunity for people working to make Interior Alaska a better place to live to come together, relax in the summer sun, share ideas and interests, and find out about each other’s activities. Our community is blessed with a multitude of small organizations working quietly to make all our lives better. We’ll be featuring short presentations from a sampling of these organizations that are improving the quality of life in our community.

5th Annual Peace Feast, May 2017

The Square Dance Pavilion (aka picnic shelter) is between the Dance Hall and the Pioneer Air Museum.

The Alaska Peace Center works for peace, justice and sustainability – individually, in our community and globally – with a commitment to nonviolent conflict resolution. For more information, contact

Monthly Meeting Thursday, June 2, 7 pm via Zoom

The Alaska Peace Center monthly meeting will take place at 7 pm on Thursday, June 2.

The link to join the meeting is:

This link will be used for all monthly meetings this winter (first Thursday of each month) through June 2022.

More Zoom specifics: Meeting ID: 824 0890 1547, Passcode: 492648

All welcome! The primary topic will be finalizing plans for Saturday’s Peace Feast at Pioneer Park