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Monthly Meeting Thursday, October 1, 2020

Monthly Meeting Thursday, October 1, 2020

7 pm via Zoom

Following is the Zoom link:

That should be all you need if your are joining over the internet via a computer. If you are joining some other way, you may need the following:

Meeting ID: 940 5191 1104
Passcode: 199544

Questions? Contact Alan Batten, 488-3205

Chris White Memorial Paver

Placing the Chris White Memorial Paver

On the lovely afternoon of Sunday, September 27, the APC Board met to place a memorial paver for former board member Chris White in the Laborer’s Local 942 Memorial Park at the Laborer’s Hall on Davis Road. Lee Stockwell, Chris’s wife of 46 years, also attended. Chris’s energy and infectious enthusiasm for progressive causes were an inspiration to many of us and will not be forgotten. He worked hard in support of the Peace Center, Fairbanks Open Radio (KWRK LP-FM 90.9), the IWW, and many other groups working to make the world a better place. The paver now joins the unmarked tree that was planted in remembrance of Chris at the Laborer’s Hall, where Chris fought long and hard for fairness and justice for rank and file union members. Chris passed away in 2016 and we still miss him. His obituary can be read here.

Placing the Memorial Paver for Chris White at the Laborer's Local 942 Memorial Park

Placing the Memorial Paver for Chris White at the Laborer’s Local 942 Memorial Park

Chris White’s memorial paver

In Respect for those who sacrifice

Sept. 8, 2020

As a group, Veterans For Peace advocates against war, but we also respect and honor the sacrifices of our fellow servicemembers.

Therefore, we are adamantly opposed to the President of the United States referring to US servicemembers injured or killed in war as “losers” or objecting to wounded veterans participating in military parades.

As concerned, civically engaged members of the human community, we need to recognize that militarism is, at best, a failed tool for world peace and human dignity; and at worst, a guarantor of the complete opposite.

However, we need to respect those who have made the choice to “serve” by supporting returning veterans and showing honor and respect to those who didn’t return.

As the Commander in Chief, the President instead should be appalled that one-third of homeless Americans are veterans, that suicide rates among veterans are unacceptably high, and that the VA healthcare system is underfunded to meet its needs.

As the representative of the American people, the President should instead be duty-bound to pay our nation’s respect to the war dead wherever they lie, interred at Arlington or an American cemetery in France.

North Star Veterans For Peace ch. 146

with Alaska Peace Center

Rob Mulford

Alan Batten

Karl Franke

Heather Koponen

Carrie Farr

Maia Genaux