State of Alaska Documents

We are registered as a nonprofit corporation with the Alaska State Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.

Details can be found here: Alaska Peace Center. If our information doesn’t come right up you may have to search for us under “Entities”. Our name is “Alaska Peace Center, Inc.” and our entity number is 92899.

We are also registered as a charitable organization with the Alaska Department of Law.

Our most recent registration document is here. You can also view it at the Department of Law site. To do so follow the “Consumer Protection” link, and then the “Charities and Paid Solicitors” link. Then about one page down in the block of text on the left part of the page, click “Find a Registered Charitable Organization or Paid Solicitor”. Then at the bottom of the page that comes up, click “Search Online for Registered Charities and Paid Solicitors”. Then you are finally at the form to search for our registration. We are a charitable organization and our name is “Alaska Peace Center”. You can leave the FEIN field blank.

State of Alaska Business License

View it here.

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