Potluck and Intro to NVC Class at Hidden HIll Friends Center Monday Feb 25 at 6:30

A few of us are interested in starting a new class in non-violent communication or NVC using Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings and books.  Some of us have already taken a class or workshop on NVC and have found the concepts very helpful.

For those unfamiliar with NVC,  basically, NVC sees our actions as coming from needs we all have that we are trying to meet.  NVC uses feelings and needs to connect more fully with others and to get everyone’s needs met.  These ideas have been used around the country and worldwide to help mediate conflicts.

There will be an introduction to NVC at the Hidden Hill Friends Center on Monday, Feb. 25 (Hidden Hill Friends Center is located at 2682 Gold Hill Rd.–look for the sign on the right side).  The potluck/introduction will start at 6:30 pm with food and program to follow.  All those interested, whether new or more experienced, are welcome.

If you can not come but want to take the class or have questions, please email me or call (contact info below).  We will be deciding on a night to have the classes to try to accommodate all who are interested.

For more information contact Carrie Farr at chugny@yahoo.com, 750-1049.

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