Tanana Valley State Fair, 2013

Booth Sitters Needed for our Booth at the Fair

The Tanana Valley State Fair is coming soon.  Booth set-up can start as early as July 29th and the Fair opens on August 2 and runs through August 11.  Volunteers are needed both for setting up our booth in the Borealis Pavilion and for staffing it while the Fair is running.  There are 3 shifts per day and we would like to have 2 people present at each shift if possible.  The shifts are 1) noon to 3pm, 2) 3pm to 6pm and 3) 6pm to 9pm (note this will be 10 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and the final Sunday). Please contact Heather Koponen and Alan Batten at info@alaskapeace.org if you are able to help.  This is our best chance of the year to make ourselves known and present our ideas to the Fairbanks public. Besides, you will get a complimentary ticket to the Fair!

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