Peace Center Meeting Thursday Oct 3

Peace Center Meeting Thursday, 3 Oct 2013 at the APC Office at 6 pm

There will be a meeting of the Alaska Peace Center at the office at 6:00 pm next Thursday, October 3rd.  The APC office is in Room 203 of the College Mall at 3535 College Road, upstairs from the Fuji Restaurant.  The stairs are to the right (west) of the restaurant, through the same exterior door.  We have many important decisions to make and need input from as many of you as possible.

We have to decide on how to make the best use of our limited budget (this is a biggie), select officers, and prioritize projects for the coming year.  Can we really afford to keep our office (it costs $2400/year)? If not, where would we keep our files, library, equipment and other materials?  Where would we meet?  What would be our contact point with the public?

What are the most important issues that we can be effective about? Calling attention to the drone training happening here locally at our military bases? Proposing local alternatives to militarism? Working toward a local resolution in support of the Move to Amend campaign? Justice for Private Manning? Palestine? Pakistan? Local energy issues?

And, we still need board members and need to select officers.

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