APC Meeting 12 December 2013

Next APC Meeting at 7:00 pm on 12 December at the Peace Center Office

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, December 12th starting at 7:00 pm at the Peace Center Office, 3535 College Rd. (upstairs in the College Mall, stairs are at the west end next to the restaurant).

All are welcome!

Draft agenda includes:Financial recap, draft minutes, APC – Fairbanks Open Radio collaboration plan, review of by-laws, nominating committee/board membership recognition, events report & planning, newsletter. Any additions or changes to agenda?

Minutes of APC meeting Thursday, Nov.7, 2013:  reading, amendments/additions, approval.
Approval of notes of Other meetings:  APC board & Fbks Open Radio board on Saturday, Nov. 9, at office;
     Again Tuesday, Nov. 11, 10-10:30 am
Actions taken by APC Board &/or officers since the last meeting:
board membership:  Listing current board members & their terms, nominating and consensus on additional board members.
Formal Approval of revised mission statement, which added “sustainability” to each phrase.
Financial report:
Mail delivery options and costs:
State Dept of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development -2013 biennial report submitted, w/ $40.
                        Change of address $15. Registered agent was David Bantz 2682 Goldhill Rd (CRFM).
                        Was this updated to Alan or entire board?
Business License City of Fbks – not needed as  Rob found out we are no longer in city limits; but we may be required to file for FNSB – future business. State licensure? Per Jan. 2011 notes, Appears to be required. (only exemption is for investment clubs – not non-profits)  Other Official Paperwork such as by-laws…What documents should we have, and where should we keep them?
Fundraising Committee:
    Bee the Change thank you seed packets
    Letter for donors
APC – Fairbanks Open Radio collaboration plan:
APC Website –What will need to be done to maintain it, and how often?
Facebook site?  Chuck’s report/demo on how it might work…setting guidelines and time for worksession.
Recent Past APC Events:
Open Hours:
Last Friday Potluck & movie:
Upcoming & potential events
Open Hours scheduling
Monthly potluck scheduling & place
2014 Fair application
Alternatives to Violence weekend
Susan Grace report on her trip to Bhutan
Rob Mulford about Code Pink Drone summit, local drones, more about trip to Pakistan
Testing for Fukushima fall-out – Doug Yates
Father John Deer & Rich Moniak in April 2014
Next mtg: (Usually to be on the first Thursday of the month; 6:30, or 7:00pm?)

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