David Swanson will be Speaking at Schaible Auditorium on October 22

David Swanson, renowned author of “War is a Lie” and “When the World Outlawed War”, will be speaking at Schaible Auditorium at the east end of Bunnell Building on the UAF campus at 7 pm on October 22, 2016. He is noted for his devastating critique of war and militarism as a national policy, and for his detailed plan on how American citizens can bring about a rejuvenation of our political values.

This event is cosponsored by the Alaska Peace Center and the UAF Peace Club.

David Swanson is director of WorldBeyondWar.org and campaign coordinator for RootsAction.org. He blogs at DavidSwanson.org and WarIsACrime.org. He hosts Talk Nation Radio and is a 2015 and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. This will be his first visit to Fairbanks.

David Swanson by lake

David Swanson, from http://davidswanson.org/about

Tributes to David Swanson:

“David Swanson will be remembered and well recognized as the citizen who held up a lamp in the darkness and cried, as did good Tom Paine: ‘We have it in our power to begin the world over again.'” —John Nichols, columnist, The Nation.

“David Swanson predicates his belief that nonviolence can change the world on careful research and historical analysis.” —Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

“David Swanson’s War Is A Lie may be the most comprehensive antiwar statement available in the English language.” —Kevin Young, Znet.

“Swanson’s book is far more uplifting and inspiring than virtually any other book in its genre, as it devotes itself to laying out a detailed plan for how American citizens — through the activism to which he has devoted himself — can bring about a rejuvenation of our political values.” —Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com.

“David Swanson is an antidote to the toxins of complacency and evasion. He insists on rousing the sleepwalkers, confronting the deadly prevaricators and shining a bright light on possibilities for a truly better world.” —Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy.

A flyer for this event can be downloaded here.

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