Share/Educate: World’s Biggest Polluter

We know that the United States military is the world’s #1 polluter. We also know that our time to successfully address anthropogenic climate change is running out.

We are asking you to take a moment to help educate your social media community about the incredible ecological destruction caused by the United States military. This Friday, please share EcoWatch’s article (link below) detailing the effect the U.S. military has had on the global environment. Share on your wall, share via message, share in groups – wherever you can.

Education will be a big piece to successfully addressing the problem. We can all help. This particular action just asks for a minute of your time, but the effects could be far-reaching.” from The Maggie Phair Institute

The article –

Please invite your friends to participate by clicking the “share” button on this event page. When you click the “share” button, a dropdown menu with an “Invite friends” option will appear. Select that option to access your friends list. From there, you can select individual friends to invite.”

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