Webinar: Is the U.S. Going to War with Russia over Ukraine?

Friday, January 28, 2022 at 7:00 pm AST, via Zoom

The Alaska Peace Center will view a recording of a very recent CodePink webinar to come to a deeper understanding of what is happening in Ukraine and the approaches that are being taken by the United States and Russia. The webinar features Medea Benjamin from CodePink and Larry Wilkerson. Larry was the Chief of Staff to Colin Powell during the G. W. Bush administration and is currently a professor at the College of William & Mary. After ending his military career, Wilkerson publicly criticized many aspects of the Iraq War, including his own preparation of Powell’s presentation to the UN about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, as well as other aspects of US policy in the Middle East.

Here is the zoom link and other info:

Meeting ID: 830 4379 4391
Passcode: 653022

The Biden administration is using very bellicose rhetoric and appears to be playing a game of “chicken” with Russia. Needless to say, each country possesses a surfeit of nuclear weapons, making this a very dangerous situation.

We will view a 40-minute recording of the webinar, via zoom, at 7:00 pm and will have time to discuss it afterward. The webinar was made to give context to the current situation, and to motivate viewers to contact the White House and their members of Congress to suggest changes in the United States’ approach.

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