Thanks to all who came out for the protest!

Thanks to all eight people who came out to protest the Biden administrations war-mongering with Russia over Ukraine at our demonstration at Geist Road and University Avenue on Saturday, Feb 5. There were enough of us to have people at all four corners of the intersection. The response we got from drivers was mostly positive–more so than in the early days of our protests about the Iraq War in the early years of this century. I think the “forever” war has really taken its toll on the capacity of the public to be moved by fear-inducing threats and jingoism to support yet another war. Yesterday we got lots of beeps and friendly waves from drivers. Only two or three drivers expressed disapproval of our protest.

We decided that given the ongoing demonization programs against Russia, China, and others, along with the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric and the threatening military maneuvers, we need to continue these protests weekly until some diplomatic solution is found. We will focus on the Ukraine crisis and the threats of war with Russia, but will also keep in mind the parallel developments involving Taiwan and threats of war with China. So for the time being, we will hold protests weekly at the Geist Road/University Avenue intersection at 1:00 on Saturdays.

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  1. Posted by John Dunker on February 7, 2022 at 1:05 am

    Thanks for the report, Alan. We in Juneau held back because of pouring rain and practically no traffic expected on Saturday. Instead we hope to be out sometime this week, after the sign-soaking rain and sign-shredding wind subsides.


    • Thanks John, I hope it works out that you can do something. It sounds like Juneau has really been getting hammered with wind and rain this winter. Our winter has been consistently on the cool side, but no big weather events since the huge snow/rain/ice storm that came on Christmas.


  2. Posted by Ann Mallard on February 7, 2022 at 2:48 am

    It’s both amazing and wonderful that the little Peace Centre that we started . . . about the time of the rumbles concerning a possible war in Iraq. . . . is STILL going (despite the pandemic) and still making the case for Peace in Fairbanks Alaska. .. .THANK YOU.


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