The Climate Crisis–How Much Does the U.S. Military Contribute toward Global Warming?

A Presentation by the Veterans For Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism Project

Friday, February 25, 7:00 pm via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 872 4383 0114
Passcode: 461505

The U.S. Military is the world’s single largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gases. That is easy to imagine since one B-52 Stratofortress consumes about as much fuel in an hour as the average car driver uses in 7 years. Yet, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol allowed military emissions to be excluded in calculating national emissions (for any country). See the Military Carbon Footprint video (9 minutes 47 seconds).

Steve Morse from the VFP Climate Crisis/Militarism Working Group will give a presentation on the role the military plays in exacerbating the global climate crisis. Steve will be familiar to many in Fairbanks as he helped train the Fairbanks node of the GI Rights Hotline (under the auspices of the Alaska Peace Center) a decade and a half ago. The presentation will run 30 or 40 minutes and there will be lots of time for discussion afterwards. For more information see the VFP Climate/Militarism Interactions Brochure.

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