Monthly Meeting Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023 at 7 pm

The Alaska Peace Center monthly meeting will take place via Zoom and in person at the APC Office at 7 pm on Tuesday, February 28. All are welcome! This is actually the March meeting, but several of us are out of town on March 6 so the meeting is being held a week early.

Everyone is welcome to join in, to help determine and shape upcoming APC actions. 

Also we need at least two more board members at this time, as well as a new volunteers coordinator.

If you have a vision for achieving well-being for all, achieving Peace, Justice and Sustainability, and helping remediate damages done locally and globally, please show up. 

Or if you just would like to help move in that direction, please show up. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 843 8971 9538
Passcode: 149078

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